The 52 Hike Challenge

On December 2015, I decided to accept the 52 hike challenge; hike once a week, for 52 consecutive weeks.


I love the outdoors, and would hike very often. Though not as often as desired. I had been hiking before I heard of the challenge. So, thought to myself, all I need to do is now hike once a week. This did not really sounds like a challenge to me, more like, a way to enjoy the outdoors and explore new places sooner. Something everyone should be already doing. 

As I started the challenge, something about it just gave me more assurance, and it felt good to be involved in such a great movement/challenge. I started meeting new people, hikers in the community, who have been places I can only think of. A hiking world, full of people who love to do what I love, EXPLORE AND ENJOY NATURE. As the challenge became more of a routine( that is the intended plan), my days began to go by faster. The excitement of planning the next adventure or weekend getaway. Sometimes, my son/hiking partner, would ask me, “are we hiking on the weekend?” and that just put a big ol’ smile on my face, and my response, usually was, “where do you want to go?” 

1st hike – Joshua Tree National Park
hike 3 – off trail, thru branches, straight up the mountain, EPIC
hike 7 – Mt. Baldy, wife’s company made it A WHOLE better


hike 8 – EPIC backpack trip, full of snow

hike 15 (most recent-as of 04March2016) – Echo Mountain, enjoying the view