Road Trip to Mammoth Lakes

A 5-hour trip turned to 14 hours. How? No traffic, no incidents, no problems whatsoever. The question remains. SIMPLE!!! Happy wife, happy life. Or so they say. I owed the wife her bday gift, and although it was only 7 months delayed, it was time to get it taken care of 😅 All she wanted … Continue reading Road Trip to Mammoth Lakes


Big Horn Mine

An abandoned mine that once operated in the 1890's, Big Horn Mine, was just waiting for us to explore. And, believe it or not, it is waiting for YOU.   The hike is fairly easy, and the views are just amazing.  Distance: 4 Miles RT, Fairly Easy **Adventure Pass MUST displayed To get to trailhead, … Continue reading Big Horn Mine

Black Star Canyon Falls

A seasonal waterfall? Hhhmmmm, i don't know if I can call it that. Nevertheless, this nice hidden gem in the Orange County area, Black Star Canyon Falls is a must check-out.  A quick 6 mile hike (RT) that should not be taken lightly. Multiple stream crossings and some bouldering towards the end, will make the … Continue reading Black Star Canyon Falls

Our Family Ways

If I told you that this place we call home (EARTH) has so many wonderful places, would you believe me? You might have been watching a TV show and saw a waterfall you can only dream of. Or, a meadow that seems out of this world. Luckily, I have some great news, there is a … Continue reading Our Family Ways

Cucamonga Peak

Determination is major key when you set out to accomplish anything. Cucamonga Peak is not an easy trek; the steep 11 mile hike gains just over 4,000 ft.. It is one of the highest peaks in the San Gabriel Mountains range and is located in the San Bernardino County. The 8,860 foot peak has amazing views; … Continue reading Cucamonga Peak

Mt. Baldy: Hiking in the Snow

A late start on a trailhead sometimes mean you will not make it to your destination. This does not mean however, you can not get out and have some fun in the process of trying. Such was the case today, Sunday 27Nov2016. After a few stops along the way, finally made it to the San … Continue reading Mt. Baldy: Hiking in the Snow


"Losing isn't always the end, sometimes it becomes the beginning." You win some, you loose some. In this case, it was a win-win for the Amaya's. This weekend we went out and conquered, and we also got our butts kicked.  Saturday, made it up to Potato Mountain with good friends; and though the trail is … Continue reading NO PAIN NO GAIN

Living Room Picnic?

My regular working hours begin at 4 in the evening, Monday thru Friday. When I learned I would have Friday off, due to holiday, I was thrilled. First thing that came to my head, surprise my wife. My plan was to pick up Christopher from school, and instead of taking him to the wife, I … Continue reading Living Room Picnic?

San Gabriel Peak

My goal was to reach the summit and enjoy a nice sunrise with Christopher and Foxxy. With only a little under 1 3/4 miles, and about 1000 feet vertical elevation gain to get to the peak, I though it would be a piece of cake. The steepness begun after about 1/2 mile in, you could … Continue reading San Gabriel Peak

Foxxy  The Fox

"Sometimes we think too much, and feel too little."  -Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator I believe, the older we get, the more we tend to loose focus of the simple things in life. The things that matter most, and the things many overlook or dont make time for.  As life gets busier, doing what we … Continue reading Foxxy  The Fox