Mt. Baldy: Hiking in the Snow

A late start on a trailhead sometimes mean you will not make it to your destination. This does not mean however, you can not get out and have some fun in the process of trying. Such was the case today, Sunday 27Nov2016.

After a few stops along the way, finally made it to the San Antonio Falls trailhead at around 2pm. The plan was to try and reach the Top of the Notch, in the Mt. Baldy mountain, in a full of snow trail. Being the wife and kiddo’s first ever snow hike, I wasn’t concerned at all because they love being outdoors and always make the best of any trip or hike we take. As soon as reached the Baldy Village, there were light showers. Thus being the reason we stopped at REI to grab the wife a rain jacket.

We had to park about 1/2 mile from trailhead due to road being icy and only authorized vehicles allowed. Started our accent on the San Antonio Falls Trailhead at approximately 2:30pm, with light showers. All layered, packs with rain covers, we shared smiles and a few endless conversations from Wife(Elizabeth) and kiddo (Christopher). Quick break at the falls, the weather was about 36 degrees, and it begun to get hot. About 1 mile in, we had to make a stop to de-layer. Body  warmed up, and sun started shining thru clouds.
Our trek continued… Being aware of the sunset, the time now around 3:50pm, we set a turn around time of 4:15pm. We had layers and headlamps, however no microspikes. I, having hiked in snow, was a bit concerned about it turning into hard ice, and though the trail is a fire road and not steep, I did not want to hike in the dark for long. As agreed, about 20min before reaching the Notch, it was time to turn around. Right below the restaurant, one last switchback to go, we decided to call it a hike; boiled water for a hot dehydrated meal, had snacks, Christopher played in the snow, and back down we went.

Christopher was a bit upset we did not make it to our destination, “I’m not having fun,” he said, ” we didn’t make it to the peak.” We explained to him the importance of hiking in the dark with hard ice snow, and that our priority was for him to enjoy the hike. He then got over it and we hustled down to the parking lot, which in fact we still had to walk down the road about 1/2 mile.

Though not steep, there were some areas that were icy and kinda scary; wife was a bit on the nervous side. Nevertheless, we made it back down safely, walking in the dark with headlamps for about 30min. The time now 5:45pm, back in our car, I had Christopher pack pj’s in his pack, which came in handy because he was soaked and wet. Wife finished dehydrated meal in the car, and we got our way home. It was a great first experience for them, and we all had a blast.


Forgot my explorer fedore hat, luckily I have this ADVENTUROUS shirt 😜






2 thoughts on “Mt. Baldy: Hiking in the Snow

  1. Omg! I really enjoyed reading this one. I can’t believe how much snow there was, the fact that we were just there Friday and there wasn’t any snow on the lower part of the notch. It must have snowed a lot on Saturday. You’re teaching The family great things. Good call on turning back yet being so close to the top. That sunset picture is amazing.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Daisy 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Daisy 😊 Must have been quite a storm on Saturday, the beginning of the trail was full of snow ❄️ . We were so close yet so far; not close enough to risk being in the dark too long though. Glad you enjoyed reading


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