High Sierra Trail: Day 1

Wednesday, 6:30ish pm, all packed and ready to go. Ready to embark on what I was promised would be a trip of a lifetime; The High Sierra Trail. Fabian, planned and organized the entire itinerary. Special Guests Irwin, David, Daniel and myself.

Normally, this trip is completed in 7-10 days. We were on time crunch, since we all agreed to finish in 4 full days, as Fabian had planned. Our plan was to haul ass, hike long mile days and traverse Sequoia National Park, and cover 75 miles.

Snapped a picture with the High Sierra Trail head sign, and off to commence our 1st of 5 days in the wilderness. If you are into nature and don’t mind being dirty and hiking long hours, this is a MUST. Talk about views for days. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Our first day, was not so great; felt extremely long and we all described it best as a death-march. Simply because the 5-hour hike in the dark seemed like a never ending parade. Scheduled for today was 11 miles to Bearpaw Meadows.

At the beginning of the trail, maybe 1/2mile, Fabian spotted bear poop, and out of nowhere the big baboon decided to grab a stick, poke it and smell it. “It smells like berries guys,” he said. We all looked puzzled; with a speck of doubt, smelled it and were surprised, smelled like berries. unfuckenbelievable. The hike continued, we enjoyed a nice sunset behind us before we grabbed our headlamps. 

Sunset over Morro Rock

Before darkness took over, The Great Western Divide was our view for a few miles, mountains we would later be crossing. As bad as we wanted to arrive to our campsite, the 11 mile trek was delayed by a few short much needed breaks. A small scorpion was spotted on the trail, cold from the chilly night, it was unable to move. We gently, at first, removed it with our trekking poles. After a bit of struggle, just pushed it off to the side so it would not get stepped on. Along the way, we had snack bars. And for dinner, I had a burrito taken from the restaurant we had lunch at. 

At around 12midnight, we arrived at our campsite. Bear canisters empty just waiting for us to fill up, and that is exactly what we did. All food stored, sleeping pads and sleeping bags in place, we were ready to call it a night. I was still full from dinner around 10pm, so I had a light snack. Daniel had gotten a blister on his heel, which would be treated in the morning, because all we wanted to do was knock dafuq out. 11 miles down, only about 60 to go 😅

Sun light hitting trees as we begun our trek, kinda like saying “look at me, I’m going away”
About 30min preppin and making sure to pack all needed for 4-5 days
The ultralight of the ultralightest
Unbelievably, Fabian’s pack only weight about 12lbs, while the the rest of us were between 19 – 30 lbs. After all, he emphasizes on nothing but lightweight gear, and is known for being ultralight AF. 

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