“Losing isn’t always the end, sometimes it becomes the beginning.”

You win some, you loose some. In this case, it was a win-win for the Amaya’s. This weekend we went out and conquered, and we also got our butts kicked. 

Saturday, made it up to Potato Mountain with good friends; and though the trail is short, it is steep and can get the best of you. Nevertheless, after some hiking and bit of pain here and there, we conquered, we were victorious.  

First nap; checking on baby Aizik, all good, lets go 💙
  Baby Aizik’s first hike huge success. Full of smiles, and naps 💤 Only time he was fuzzy was when we would stop briefly to catch our breath.

Sunday, as we had planned a few weeks back, we went out to play, at Strawberry Peak playground 😜 Christopher and I summited on our first attempt a few weeks back, the wife unfortunately didn’t( long story 😅😁)  

About a mile in, passed the first steep switchback, Christopher’s legs were tired and sore, AF; being unable to push any further. We decided to have a picnic in the woods, and call it a day. Still a nice day for a small hike. His legs were working harder than usual, giving the saying of NO PAIN NO GAIN some action. His pack was about same weight as usual; filled with snacks, 1Liter water, jacket, and Foxxy. This time instead of packing his sleeping bag(training purposes), he packed his Rock Climbing Helmet. Unfortunately we did not make it out that far, however, mountains will still be there, and we will make it out on a fresh leg day. We owe that to the wife @elizabeth_0716 😉


my brotha from anotha motha enjoying the view

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