Millard Falls

If you have yet to visit Millard Falls, I highly recommend it. Located in the San Gabriel Mountains, this short yet enjoyable hike is a MUST. Total round trip is just over 1 mile, however, the narrow canyon and its full green surroundings leaves you in awe and wanting more.  This hike can be continued up to Dawn Mines, just a quick climb up the falls; as I was told by a friend. This was my original final destination, however exploring was not really an option as we were on time crunch. Definitely will be back for the mines. 

Sunday morning, I decided to take a stroll up to Millard Falls, accompanied by wife and kiddo. As we arrived at the parking lot, the trailhead is easy to spot. About 1/4 mile, Millard Campground is reached. The fire road continues passed the campground; a slight right must be made to access falls trailhead. Visible sign can not be missed. From beginning to end, the trees and plants keep you cool, and protected from sun.

My wife, had not been on a hike in quite some time; work got in the way. Though she enjoyed the hike, she was feeling the burn. About half way into the trek, a baby deer was spotted by Elizabeth aka The Wife. That took about 10 minutes to take a quick pic; we waited as the fawn descended to the little river stream and quenched its thirst.

 After about 45minutes, we arrived to our destination. There is still very little water coming down the falls, making this hike much more enjoyable. The wife and I sat down for a few minutes, Christopher ran around the falls. No snacks, only water as we had not wasted much energy. Soon after two nice ladies snapped our family pic, we got on our way. Walking, jogging, running, and jumping over river streams on the way back; sweating and hot yet very satisfied and content.

As we headed back to the parking lot, we decided to extend our hike just a tad bit, and headed up to Mt. Lowe E rd. This is accessible right after the Millard Campground, slight left and up up you go. The short 0.8mile trek is somewhat steep, ascending about 500ft, and the fact  that there is no shade along the way makes this seem a lot longer. I suggest cold cold water on a hot day. 

Made it to the road junction, and decided to take a break; we were tired and beat from the heat. Had a few snacks, hydrated just enough because the water was not appetizing at room temperature. And back down we went. This time, opted from the trail and took the road down to the parking lot. Main reason being that the trail has a lot of horsetail-like grass, that becomes very annoying. Christopher disliked that very much. Walked a few minutes down the road in direct sunlight.  One small break, to cool down and drink some water, and on we went. As we arrived to the parking lot, under a big shaded tree, we enjoyed a juicy mango. Relax for a few before hopping into the car and calling it a day.

 A great morning turned into an awesome day!! 
Trailhead address: Chaney Trail, Angeles National Forest, Altadena, CA 91001

Trailhead coordinates: 34.216185, -118.146653 (34° 12′ 58.26″N 118° 08′ 47.95″W) 

**Adventure Parking Pass Required 

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