The Green House: San Antonio Ski Hut

Saturday morning, Christopher and I set out for an adventure; A training hike. My plan was to do a bit of distance with some elevation gain. And, though 2,000 feet gain was kinda pushing it, Christopher was up for the challenge. 

Arrived to the San Antonio Falls trailhead later than my desired time. Our hike started close to 9:45am, the sun was not so hard on us, and the occasional breeze felt wonderful. 

About 1/2 mile into the fire road, San Antonio Falls is reached. Here we took a brief break, snapped a few pics of Christopher and Foxxy, and got on our way. 

Time was against us, however I did not want to rush, I let Christopher set the pace. The elevation gain on any trail, can be deceiving, and often times results in wearing you out. Soon after the falls (less than 1/3 mile), there is an unmarked trail to the left of the fire road . This is the Ski Hut/Baldy Bowl trail. It is rated as moderate-difficult, and is the fastest way up to the summit, thus very steep and makes it quite the climb. A register box stands right after the sharp left turn, abour 100feet. Here we took a quick break to catch our breath as Christopher decided to skip the walking and ran to the register box. Bad call. Had some M&M’s, drank some water, got on our way.   

Though the Ski Hut is only about 2 miles away, the steepness makes you think twice about rushing, a slow steady pace we kept. About every 1/2 mile, we took a break and hydrated. Eating snacks along the way, making up songs, counting and chitchatting with new made friends made the climb much quicker. 3/4 of a mile away, and about 800 feet left, the Ski Hut can be seen. This was a great motivation, and he started pushing to the goal a bit faster.

Reached the Ski Hut a little after 2pm; and as tired as Christopher was, he was more excited to have had made the trek well worth it. The green house, as he calls it, has awesome views of San Antonio canyons down below, and San Gabriel Mountains all around. He was amazed; and hungry. Off to the side of the heavily trafficked Ski Hut, there is a small water stream, which Christopher chose to have lunch. 

Pack off, While he explored the water and jumped across a few times, I boiled water for some dehydrated meals; beef stroganoff and scrambled eggs with bacon was the main meal. And for dessert, Christopher wanted pancakes. Yes, you read right, PANCAKES!! That is our favorite meal/snack, along with ramen noodles. Once the dehydrated meals were munched, I busted out a little skillet; let it warm up just enough, and pancakes were on the way. Chocolate chip pancakes to be exact.

Cooking all done, I just layed back, relaxed and enjoyed the view. Christopher still playing with water, I was nothing but smiles. An awesome climb, great accomplishment reaching our goal, and had a delish meal. What more was there to ask for. 

Well rested, we started heading back. The time now was past 3:30pm. The way down was way quicker as usual, though Christopher still asked for a few breaks. Back in the car, Christopher was still excited about having hiked up to the Green House aka San Antonio Ski Hut. Exhausted, fell asleep shortly after departing from trailhead.

Great training hike.Climbed some 2,000feet; made it to the Ski Hut (or GREEN HOUSE).

Feel free to drop some comments below, questions & concerns also welcomed. 😜


San Antonio Ski Hut, elevation 8,200feet


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