Millard Falls

If you have yet to visit Millard Falls, I highly recommend it. Located in the San Gabriel Mountains, this short yet enjoyable hike is a MUST. Total round trip is just over 1 mile, however, the narrow canyon and its full green surroundings leaves you in awe and wanting more.  This hike can be continued … Continue reading Millard Falls


Mt. Baldy: The Devils Backbone

Persevere and you shall achieve, was one of the many thoughts running through my mind as Christopher and I boarded  the Mt. Baldy Ski Lift chair. The plan was to reach Mt. Baldy summit (10,064ft above sea level) via the Devil's Backbone trail. The Ski Lift elevated us up to 7,350ft in just under 15minutes, … Continue reading Mt. Baldy: The Devils Backbone

I’ve been nominated for the Prestigious Liebster Award !!

You know that feeling you have when you are doing something you enjoy, and feel you are doing a great job; however, there is not much assurance, or, there is still a tiny speck of doubt in the back of your head? Well, that is exactly how I was feeling, then all of a sudden … Continue reading I’ve been nominated for the Prestigious Liebster Award !!

The Green House: San Antonio Ski Hut

Saturday morning, Christopher and I set out for an adventure; A training hike. My plan was to do a bit of distance with some elevation gain. And, though 2,000 feet gain was kinda pushing it, Christopher was up for the challenge.  Arrived to the San Antonio Falls trailhead later than my desired time. Our hike … Continue reading The Green House: San Antonio Ski Hut