Living Room Picnic?

My regular working hours begin at 4 in the evening, Monday thru Friday. When I learned I would have Friday off, due to holiday, I was thrilled. First thing that came to my head, surprise my wife. My plan was to pick up Christopher from school, and instead of taking him to the wife, I would take him to the park or a hike, his choice. After that, go on a date with the wife. Christopher’s Godmother, Rachel, had not seen Christopher in some time, and asked for him to sleep over. Christopher, agreed to such great invitation. My plans changed. My wife told me she would get home from work around 11’ish, and though late, still wanted to continue with our plans. I suggested a picnic at the beach, she agreed. 

As the time passed, very slowly- or PERHAPS I felt it that way- I had prepared a pack with her favorite; HOT CHEETOS, and wine ( San Antonio Red Wine) and was just waiting. I also packed my fuel stove, a small pot and short ribs for dinner. 11 o’clock was around the corner, and I was anxiously waiting. 11:30pm and she was still not home. I was going crazy. Finally, she arrived, closer to 12midnight. I was waiting outside, ready to just hop in the car and roll, literally. I manned the wheel and she moved to the passenger side.  

 As I started driving towards the freeway, insecure face, “you look really tired, should we still go?” I asked. The GPS estimated an arrival time of 35minutes. Blocks away from the house, I asked her if she was working the next day, “yes, have to be at the shop at 6am” was her reply. I looked at the time, and as bad as I wanted to make it extra special, it would be inconsiderate for me to overlook her work schedule. I estimated the time to get to the beach, the time we would be there, and the drive back. We’d be getting home between 2-3am. She seemed extremely tired, and did not want to upset me, as to why decided to proceed as planned. Suddenly, I made a turn back to the house, and decided to just go home so she can rest for the next day. As determined as she was to not let me down, she still wanted the picnic, however, at home, in our living room. “You know we still having a picnic, RIGHT!?” she stated. The look on my face said WTF and simultaneously I said “YOU ARE CRAZY.” She affirmed the picnic was still on, and to simply pretend we were at the beach. 

Back home, before I finished parking, Elizabeth aka the Wife said, “I’m gonna take a quick shower, when I get out the picnic better be set.” I quickly replied, “I’m not wasting my fuel, I’m going to cook in the house stove.” She did not like that idea and gave me the look. And of course, I had to obey. Hot steaming boiling water, how she ALWAYS prefers to shower. All I could see was steam coming out of the slightly opened restroom door. I should say that I dislike hot water, with passion. I continued to lay my movers blanket on the carpet, and began taking everything out from the pack. 

  Already in PJ’s, she joined me as I finished setting up. She open the bag of Hot Cheetos, and kept her eyes on the wine bottle, as if trying to give me a hint. One step ahead, “A” game strong AF, wine bottle was already opened. I served her in a glass cup, and started cooking the meat. “I’m going to keep my feet inside blanket, dont want sand on my toes,” she said. We both looked at each other, and started laughing. Meat was taking some time, hence I was doing small rather tiny pieces. The wine bottle was now almost gone. Luckily, meat was done right on time, as the wife was getting tipsy with 3/4 bottle on an empty stomach. We enjoyed our LIVING ROOM PICNIC, and by the time we were done eating and wine bottle was finished, we called it a night. “You’re driving” Elizabeth said, “I think I had a tad bit too much to drink.” Although we planned for some fresh beach air, our living room was the perfect spot and we enjoyed the moment. No matter the place and time, a simple idea can go a long way if the intentions are right.  

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