San Gorgonio Summit

Here we were, sitting on the Vivian Creek trailhead parking lot ready to start our hike. With only one mission ahead of us: reach San Gorgonio summit. Our group consisted of 5; Sheila, Jen, Chad, Cody and me.       Our plan was to arrive at the trailhead  around 2pm, and make it to High … Continue reading San Gorgonio Summit


Backpacking A Snowy Mt. Baldy

52 Hike Challenge #8/52  When my good friend Jose told me he was gearing up for backpacking, I was thrilled and excited for the many adventures to come. We made plans for our first backpacking trip together to BRIDGE TO NOWHERE located in the San Gabriel mountains. A 10 1/2 mile hike R/T. As the … Continue reading Backpacking A Snowy Mt. Baldy

Echo Mountain via Sam Merril

52 Hike Challenge #15/52 We started our hike at around 8am. The plan was to take the Sam Merril trail to Echo Mountain and Inspiration Point. A total of 11miles, and approximately 2,800  feet elevation gain. As the trail begins, the first 2 miles or so are pretty steep, and you can quickly get out … Continue reading Echo Mountain via Sam Merril