San Gabriel Peak

My goal was to reach the summit and enjoy a nice sunrise with Christopher and Foxxy. With only a little under 1 3/4 miles, and about 1000 feet vertical elevation gain to get to the peak, I though it would be a piece of cake. The steepness begun after about 1/2 mile in, you could feel the drastic elevation gain. We started hiking close to 6am, it was still dark. Only way to see ahead was with flashlights, Christopher was wearing a headlamp. On the way up, we had to take a few more breaks than what I had expected. Christopher was out of breath, and so was I.    

  Though I was eager to make it to the peak before sunrise, the way up was just too much for Christopher. When we took our 2nd break I realized we would most likely not make it on time. I told Christopher, “change of plans, lets just make it to the top, we’ll still see the sun, already out though.” When we started the hike, Christopher saw my excitement to watch the sun rise right before us. He was really sad and kept feeling guilty. I did not mind at all because, after all, he was up really early and hiking in the cold and dark. He was also wearing a pack, with extra clothe and his snacks. I tried cheering him up, but had little success. On the way up, there were patches of snow, that’s what really kept Christopher going. He loves snow..

   He longed for a peak full of snow. We summited at around 0720hrs, the sun was already way up in the sky. Unfortunately, there was not much snow as we hoped for. However, we are very optimistic and though there was not much snow, there was SNOW. I snapped a few pics, he played wit the snow, whatever little there was anyway. Then I got to cooking. Breakfast for me was sliced onion, bell pepper, tomatoe and egg, and Christopher had ramen noodles, his favorite. While he ate, I explored a lil’. Exploring is a MUST. We ate, and just enjoyed the view.  


 The way down was much easier, we only took 1 long break. Christopher had a green apple and fruit snack. And in no time, we continued our descent. Made it back to the start of the trailhead and headed home. We missed sunrise by approximately 25 minutes. I did not mind at all, and was very happy he walked the entire trail all by himself.  


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