Foxxy  The Fox

“Sometimes we think too much, and feel too little.”

 -Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator

I believe, the older we get, the more we tend to loose focus of the simple things in life. The things that matter most, and the things many overlook or dont make time for.  As life gets busier, doing what we really enjoy gets to be a challenge. Time does not sit around and wait for you, regardless of who you are.  My son, Christopher, who is also my hiking partner, has helped me in many ways stay on the path of the simple life. He has taught me that sometimes, slowing down is a MUST. When I’m rushing, he asks, “why are you going fast?”

 Anyways, let me begin my story, about a fox named Foxxy.   

 It all begun on a camping trip, about 2years ago to Sequoia National Park, with a group of friends. We had plans to take a tour into Crystal Cave, about a 45min drive from our campsite. The tour would take us down to a waterfall, and then into the caves. Inside the caves, ran a little stream of water(river) and there were lots of icicles. It was very cold inside, around 30• F. At the end of the tour, there is a gift shop, that sells souvenirs and stuffed animals. Christopher really wanted one, but we did not want to buy him one because there were other kids in our group, and many would not be getting anything from the gift shop (parents choice). My friend, Alvaro, bought his daughter a stuffed animal. I had already told Christopher we had no money, so, while we stood there the look on his face when every kid started getting a stuffed animal was just heartbreaking. My wife told me to go check if we had money in the car, and winked her eye 😉 . I knew what she was telling me. I went to the car, opened the door, and pretended to look for cash. Christopher  was really anxious,  and did not leave my side while I was searching. He was distracted by the screams of his friends, and I took the chance to get my wallet and take out the MULA 💸. His face was priceless, when he saw me smiling, with a $50 bill on my hand and with that look on our faces he knew he was getting a stuffed animal. We then walked to the counter, there were stuffed bears, snakes, eagles, all kinds of animals and there then was a fox, FOXXY.  

To everyone it is just a regular stuffed animal fox, but to Christopher , is more than just a fox. He joins us when we go hiking, backpacking, camping, even sleeps with HIM for protection. Foxy has now become a part of our family, every time a head count is needed, Christopher makes sure Foxxy is included. Foxxy has been everywhere; ocean, deserts, mountains and forests. Every once in a while, out of the blue, Christopher asks us(wife & me) if we remember how we didn’t have money, then I went to the car and found cash to buy Foxxy. He remembers almost every detail, and since then Foxxy became his best friend.  


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