Heart-Shaped Rock Pt.2

Our day started at around 7 in the morning. Woke up, excited for the day ahead. 8am, breakfast was ready, we ate, cleaned up and started packing. One of our friends has recently started archery. He brought along his bow and arrows. He set up a target about 30 feet and we started shooting away. My wife, really excited, had some good shots.  

We left our campsite, and headed into Joshua Tree. At 10:53am, we arrived at White Tank campground, and the search begun. Though I had been there a few months back, I was unsure of the exact location. The rock is off trail, and not many people know where it is. Some have heard of it, some have not heard of it at all. Among our friends joining us, we had a prego one, and, the last thing I wanted to do was upset her. I was afraid to turn on her pregnant attitude switch. While I looked around, they waited.  


 Finally, spotted the rock from a distance, got the crew and we got on our way. About a 1/4 mile off trail, walking in mildly rough terrain, we were standing in front of it, the rock shaped in a heart the size of an elephant. With help from a friend, we were able to climb onto the rock. With such great accomplishment , a Nate Pose was a MUST. So, that is exactly what we did.  


  After taking a few pictures, and enjoying snacks, we headed back to the parking lot. We got back onto the trail, which leads to an Arch rock. Of course, I had to explore a lil’ 🙃 . Snapped a few more pics and then, we were on our way to the parking lot.  

From there, our destination was home. The 2 hour drive back seemed longer and tiring. What an adventure weekend we had. All turned out great, successful camping trip. I was really happy my wife got to see the Heart-Shaped rock, after all , it was her who stumbled upon the rock on the web, and sent me in search for it. The first time i was there, it was just me and Christo, our son, she had to work.    


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